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Welcome to my Home page

This page contains programming stuff and links to resources useful for computer programming. (win32 assembly and linux 64 assembly stuff).


09-Oct-2012 : Uploaded (Downloads Section) - "GTK Include file and HLL Macros with Demo"

09-May-2012 : Uploaded (Downloads Section) - "Quicksort Demo for integers in Win32 Console"

21-Jan-2012 : Uploaded & (Downloads Section) - "Embedding LUA Scripts" AND "FreeBSD 64 Helloworld example".

30-Jan-2010 : Uploaded hello_64_nasm.tar.gz (Downloads->Linux 64 bit stuff) - Linux 64 Helloworld example.

26-Jan-2010 : Uploaded xhello.tar.gz (Downloads->Linux 64 bit stuff) - Linux 64 XWindow example. Works only in 64 bit linux.

13-Jan-2010 : Uploaded (Downloads->Code Snippets) - Win64 Message Box example. Works only in 64 bit windows.

25-Dec-2009 : Uploaded (A Demo for counting sort for integers (win32 console) )

13-Dec-2009 : Uploaded (NASM Macros for Brainfuck programming (win32 console) )

04-Dec-2009 : Uploaded FileSplitter. (32 bit version for winxp and win2k.)

20-Oct-2009 : Moved from Geocities to AngelFire.

28-Nov-2007 : Added link for NASM community in ORKUT

16-Jan-2007 : Uploaded (Multi precision Arithmetic Library)

09-Mar-2006 : Uploaded (Net send message - hook)

16-Feb-2006 : Uploaded (API Hooking example).

08-Feb-2006 : Uploaded (PEChat version 1.04c with some minor changes).

08-Feb-2006 : Uploaded (Spell number program).

01-Feb-2006 : Uploaded (Function definitions for some basic string operations in downloads section.)

18-Jan-2006 : Uploaded (PEChat version 1.04b with some bug fixes.)

08-Oct-2005 : Uploaded (PEcb version 1.05 with some minor bug fixes.)

06-Oct-2005 : Uploaded (C and C++ source code beautifier version 1.05).

21-Aug-2005 : Added some tips and macros in misc section.